Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Well, total humiliation today. My minders aka Cathryn and her mum have come round to see my arms as they are in such a mess from the reaction to the dressings, you know the kind of attractive thing, big blisters torn off etc. Well, they thought a lot about the discomfort I am in, the sores are on the inside of my arms and so brush against my clothes. They between them, no one is claiming the brainwave, thought that if they bought tiny pampers, they would wrap nicely around my arms, be held in place with the velcro fastenting and as an added extra, they smell nice. These particular ones have tiny trains chugging up them. So, now I look even more stylish than usual, with pampers wrapped around my arms. I know people say I can wear most things, but this takes me to new heights. I must get in touch with Stella McCartney as I understand she is designing the outfits for our Olympic team and she might be able to use the tip.

Maybe the next challenge on the group will be "What I can do with Pampers"!!

1 comment:

  1. poor you Helen that sound nasty. I hope the pampers bring you some relief and you never know it might be the next big thing. With best wishes for not needing pampers on your arm very soon
    Cara x