Friday, 9 July 2010

Helen says.....

that everyone who left their raffle ticket behind has a prize, but she has not had the time to package them up and forward them on at the moment.

This is her hospital week - so its a hospital day, back again the next day, then to the Pharmacy to sort out stuff, then back to the hospital again.......and so on.

BUT its also a BIG WEEK because the Yahoo group is almost up and running and very soon you will receive your invites to join! (You dont have to join of course - it is up to you!). If you do not receive an invite it is because we dont have your email addy, so when it is open I will post on the blog. Neet is also working her magic on the group - setting up folders and doing all the stuff that we dont know how! LOL!!! ((((((Big wave to Neet))))))

ALSO.....Helen has decided the CHALLENGE!! Way to go!!! It will really make you think....
so that will happen next week as well.

SOOOOOOO before I go.....everyone close your eyes.....and lets send some good vibes through the air to Helen cos she needs them this week (its chemo week).

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