Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cherish the day.....

is the Challenge being run on the Yahoo Group. So are you stuck for ideas in how to interpret this to Polymer Clay?
You can make jewellery, design items (think of Dannis wonderful sculptures from PPD2010),
tiny books that Cathy Johnston does, ornaments, icons....the list is endless.
Cherish the Day.....think about a glorious sunset or sunrise and all the fabulous colours that can be woven into the design.
A perfect day at the beach - lends itself to the colours of the ocean, the sand, the rocks.....the felting technique would be great as that looks like sand! Incorporate the bubbles that Lindley taught
Country picnic.... blimey you could fashion a picnic basket and fill it with goodies!
A wonderful English meadow full of daisies, could have a ball with those lovely wide bracelets that Donna does
An icon representing what Cherish the Day means to you...
It can be anything at all - doesnt have to scream straight away "oh thats obviously....."
pop a little description about your item so that we can join your creative journey.
The challenge closes on AUGUST 31st - and there is a dedicated folder in the Yahoo Groups photo section.
You can enter as many times as you wish - we dont mind!
Helen will judge the winner - so please enter.

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