Saturday, 17 July 2010

Grab button....

Isnt it the most fabulous grab button ever! Grab it and pop it on your blog - it is so pretty and elegant - I totally love it - Helen chose it, hasnt she got great taste.
Susie Jefferson of 1st Floor Flat has done this grab button along with a Challenge award button - which will be the ultimate achievement for all Polymer Clay Artists! The PPD challenge award is deffo the one to aim for.
Neet of put us onto Susie - she is now working her magic on my own blog, so if you are looking for a way to promote yourselves using the blog network, or ETSY and would like a new heading, grab button etc. then do take a look at her work and contact her.
Very often, a striking new header can really make your blog or ETSY shop pop - she is very very affordable and easy to work with.
Check her out by clicking on the 1st Floor Flat button on this blog!

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