Thursday, 9 July 2009

I have seen Helen today and....

she is soooo poorly. The chemo on Tuesday has left her feeling really sick and unwell. So much so, that we only stayed a few moments, there is nothing worse than feeling sick - you just want to be by yourself. When she contacts me, I will go round and pass on all your good wishes as I know it really does give her the boost she needs.
Please do not think that the comments are not read, I read them and always make a point of letting Helen know, and she loves to hear them - she can remember who everyone is! Amazing!
I will say "so and so says such and such" - and she will say "Oh yes, I remember her, she was wearing this and that, can you place her now?" I am like..... duh?????


  1. Helen, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong, be patient and take heart from knowing the joy you have brought to others through the PPDs will be brought back to you tenfold. Paula

  2. Helen,
    May all the angels be watching over you and keep you safe. You are in my prayers.
    Hugs from Lone in Norway

  3. Helen,
    I'm sending you healing thoughts and love. Please know that you are in everyone's prayers for a full recovery.
    Amy Brown in Bolton.

  4. Oh dear I am so sorry Helen is feeling poorly after her last session of chemo. Lots of love is winging it's way to her, along with healing thoughts and prayers.