Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Are you following the.....

picturetrail? It is gradually being updated and this year we are doing it slightly differently - putting the hotels in individual sections rather than all under one heading. Fingers crossed it should be easier to navigate - do you like the heading - isnt it just fabulous!
The strange pictures are mine - I have thing "thing" for cabinet photos. They are very old photos and the stranger the sitter the better - I collect loads of them and just love them if they are bit cross eyed or just plain odd!
Now, you have all been asking to be updated about Helen - today she began another round of Chemo. She has told me that she shouldnt lose her hair this time - mind you, I have to admit, that she looked just as nice with no hair, and when it did grow back it looked fab! Really short and funky.
So....... lets all send really positive, good thoughts and vibes to Helen.......
ready everyone.......close your eyes and send them .......NOW!


  1. I wish Helen all the best, let Chemo go easy for her. All my best wishes and thoughts to her.

  2. Hope it all goes well for Helen. Poor love - prayers being said for her.

  3. All the best for Helen's treatment - I often think of her and pray for her. Get well really soon, Helen!!!