Saturday, 19 February 2011

Whats happened.......

to the blog?   Why have there been no postings?   ((((((tumbleweed blowing down the empty street)))))))

Well, to be honest it is my fault - BUT you need to help me now get this blog back on track!  We have tried SO HARD to get the yahoo group working but it seems to have died a death - tis so quiet over there that the only one posting is a spammer! LOL!!!

OK.........Carrie has asked "How is Helen" - well she is poorly, POORLY, POORLY, POORLY!!!!!!
So lets have some real positive thoughts going out there to the Big H - who had a great time in America and the things she made at the Clay Carnival were jaw dropping.  I was like "WOW"

Right then - who amongst us has any news they would like to share on the blog, cos if you have drop me an email and lets share it.  Been published?  Sold something fabbo?  Been on a workshop? Bought a new Polymer Clay tool/book you think is fab/rubbish and want to share?

So to kick us off here is my news:-   I am George Clooneys secret desire....yes its me.  I have told him and told him ...George it is just not on, so stop with the flowers, texts, jewellery and whathaveyou.  Its over, it was fun whilst it lasted, but I am just not that into you any more.  Finito, End of.   




  1. HUGE big hugs for Helen xxxxxxx sending her positive thoughts xxxxx glad she had a great time in America xxx

    Now then , i wondered where my stalker went lol ... it seems that gorgeous George has left me for you .... you can tell him im missing his flowers, chocolates and diamonds !

  2. Yes huge hugs for Helen. Hopefully when she rests she will see lots of pictures of beautiful clay designs dancing around her.

    I have been published for the first time. The link with the details is: