Sunday, 31 October 2010


Lots of woo woo and spooky goings on tonight when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest!  Tonight is the night to cast spells, boil up toads and sheeps eyes......alternatively you can watch Downton Abbey and the X Factor results!

WELL..........the Big H is off to the Las Vegas Clay Carnival!  YEA!!!!    The little demon had some fabbo news from her last hozzy visit and went straight out and booked her from EVERYONE
WELL DONE BIG H!!!!   We are all totally over the moon over your good news and have the best time ever over the pond, and when you come back come and tell us all about it with lots of piccies!!!!!!

So - a huge thankyou for the entries to the challenge - H thought they were all just wonderful.  So we are going to award all 3 of you with the Polymer Play Days Button!  WELL DONE!! 

Have a great Halloween everyone!



  1. Congratulations to Helen, such fantastic news. Tell her we want an update when she is back from her Vegas trip!

  2. Yes - we want to hear all about it!!