Monday, 28 June 2010

What a brilliant.....

weekend eh!!! You guys are so talented that you just blew everyone are AWESOME!!!
Hope everyone had a safe journey home - and left feeling really inspired about the different things you have learnt this weekend. Looking forward to seeing some really fabulous work using these techniques.
Do you like the new revamped blog? Not sure about the font in the title....
Anyway - down the right hand side we are running two polls, be sure to answer them please!!


  1. I love the new lay out. The back ground is great but you are right, the title is a bit difficult to read.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh my life - I deleted the comment because obviously its not Helen making the comment - its me Cathryn. Anyway....the comment are right, it does need changing - I am going to change it tomorrow. Not tonight because its Britains Next Top Model! LOL!!! Thanks pinkflo! Cathryn

  4. Helen - had a completely boffo time this weekend. The teachers were all WONDERFUL, and I learned a such a lot from my lovely table-mates too. Thank you so so much for fixing it all up.

    And yes, I think the new layout is lovely.

    Until next time!

  5. As always a fabulous weekend (well, three days). Do hope there are sufficient numbers for another one next year - life just wouldn't be the same without PPD to look forward to.

    Thanks to Helen for organising, the girls for running the shop, the tutors for great classes and everyone for the fun and friendship.