Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Back again ....with everything restored....

I hope!!! The picturetrail should be back on line within the next few moments (well give it an hour or so!). Huge problems with Google, Volcanic Ash, Football, cakes not rising ......just about everything......and its all headed straight towards the blog and picturetrail and gunged up the wires.

My life where has the time gone - its all kicking off on FRIDAY.....Yay!!! Soooooo looking forward to seeing everyone, and I am feeling all tickey boo and pacing myself for the event as I simply dont want to miss one single millisecond.

Donna and Lindly are coming into Birmingham tomorrow - and that makes it all the more real as well. Terribly excited about seeing Donna again, and of course meeting Lindly. The weather is lovely - so I think we are in for a fabby weekend.

OK - a word now about the shop.......

1. Keep your stuff together in a box, tupperware etc. clearly mark your box with your name, this means we can return any unsold items to you in the same box on Sunday afternoon.

2. Price everything CLEARLY - no need to convert to £, we will simply take whatever the figure reads as £. So $4 will be £4 etc. If you wish to donate to MacMillans then please add on 10% to your prices - let Cathryn and Ruth know.

Have a safe journey everyone - and really looking forward to meeting up with existing friends and making new ones!

Love Helen

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