Monday, 25 January 2010

Took loads and loads of photos at

Sandras seminar......way tooooooo many to post all on one I am going to post 5 per night and then we will go and look at everyones website/blog etc. So you have to keep visiting every day!

The seminar was so good, soooo intense times everyone was really quiet and concentrating. On the Sunday as the broaches took shape we nearly fell through the floor - everyone without exception had produced the most amazing and breathtaking piece. So a huge round of applause to all you girls, and of course Sandra who was a brilliant teacher.

Helen did a grand job of making tea/coffee and keeping everyone fed. So much so she will be opening her own transport cafe in an old caravan on the side of the A1.


  1. . . . and I'll be a customer at that transport caff - anything for tea that good!

  2. viviviviviivivi de tres belles photos ;)))