Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Todays 5 pictures.....

Still on the students - so claim your photo with a comment!
Can you see that photo by Angela....well I made them before I got to the seminar. I got up early that morning and knocked them off whilst my porridge was cooking (((((as if))))
See all the colours in a line....

Amy is concentrating hard - you can see her chinese takeaway in the white bag on the table...

Rustling up some pasta for lunch....

Alison is just about to say something.....what was that Alison....couldnt quite catch it.....something.........OH!!


  1. Your right, I was concentrating! I was so excited about Sandra's class I wanted to commit everything she said to memory! Thanks for organizing this Helen; I feel like my skills have improved drastically. I'm getting ready to head back to the pasta machine and make some more blocks.

  2. Amy est toujours tres tres consentré!!!!!
    J'adoooooooore les classes d'Helen Cox!!!!
    biz les Cop'S