Friday, 25 November 2011

Sad News......

It is with great sadness, and a heavy heart that we must all now say goodbye to our dear friend Helen.

She died on Thursday 24th November after such a long, hard fought battle - in the end the fight was simply too great.

Helen and I spent most of our time in fits of giggles - to me she was the ultimate giggler!   Boy did we laugh - tears streaming down our face with laughter, and at the most strangest of things.   A simple glance, a raise of the eyebrow and we were off - these will be my memories.

Goodnight my friend, sleep well.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Message to Vero!

Hi Vero

I have just double checked the link and it does work, it takes you direct to the Yahoo sign in page.  If you do not already have a Yahoo account, simply scroll down that page a little and click where it says "create a Yahoo account" and follow the prompts.

Alternatively email Alison the organiser direct .....


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Supplies for the Polymer Clay Event!

Hello everyone!

2 VERY IMPORTANT files have been uploaded to the YAHOO GROUP and it is important that you nip over to the group to view them.

1 gives the list of supplies that you MUST bring with you when attending the Polymer Play days so thats really important as some of you may need to go shopping.

The second file gives you information regarding the DEMONSTRATIONS.

If you are not a member of the Yahoo group - simply click on the link displayed on this blog - all this information is held in the FILES section of the group under the headings:-

The Polymer Clay Event clay and tool doc.
The Polymer Clay Event demonstrations.doc

Go visit now!



Thursday, 1 September 2011

Helen says .......

"thank you" to every one that has sent her good wishes via the blog and the Yahoo Group.  She is so very touched.

The update is that she is still poorly but today has the most lovely rosy cheeks  - which is a nice sign.  She is still hooked up to the various bits and bobs, and she is very breathless so is on oxygen, and as a result finds it difficult to speak - well hold a conversation of any length.

She wants to concentrate on getting through this so that she can see you all in October, it is something she is looking forward to very much.

As you know, Alison is now dealing with all the arrangements - and very soon there will be a post regarding the supplies and tools you need to bring to the Polymer Play Days.

Helen can "feel the love" - so all our positive thoughts, and vibes are doing their work - lets all keep sending them!


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Helen says.......

 Hi everyone!

I have just posted a reply to Natalia via the Yahoo group and felt it only right to do the same here on the blog.

It is with regard to texting, phoning, emailing etc Helen at the moment.......I know many of you will want to contact her to wish her well, send her your love, get well wishes etc......

The Hospital ward Helen is on is very strict, as it is obviously full of poorly patients, and lots of machinery.....all mobile phones HAVE to be switched off before entering the ward.

Helen has been allowed to keep hers so that she can speak with Stephen .......that is the ONLY call she wants to receive at the moment.    No matter how short the conversation is between them - imagine what it must mean to each other when they are so many miles apart - so that is what is the most important thing at this time.

Wouldnt it be awful if they took away Helens phone because of us wanting to wish her well - and Stephen was unable to speak with her?

I will pass on everyones love and good wishes when I see her - and the most important thing is that she concentrates on getting herself better.    Lets do what we have always done - take a few moments, close our eyes and pass on positive loving thoughts.........altogether now..........Go!


Monday, 29 August 2011

Helen says........


Helen is a wee bit poorly at the moment so if you have any questions or want to book for the Polymer Play Days, then can you contact ALISON GALLANT rather than Helen please.

Helen was a bit concerned that she wouldnt be able to reply to your emails or phone calls in a timely fashion.

Will keep you posted as to how she is

Alisons email is:-


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Christine Dumonts Brooch

Hello everyone!
Today is scorchio - so I hope those of you who also have this lovely weather are enjoying it.

We've just received this photo from Christine Dumont of the beautiful brooch that is our fourth workshop.
It is comprised of two plates cleverly held together by magnets and you will also explore surface decoration techniques in Christines brand new class!

by Alison