Thursday, 1 September 2011

Helen says .......

"thank you" to every one that has sent her good wishes via the blog and the Yahoo Group.  She is so very touched.

The update is that she is still poorly but today has the most lovely rosy cheeks  - which is a nice sign.  She is still hooked up to the various bits and bobs, and she is very breathless so is on oxygen, and as a result finds it difficult to speak - well hold a conversation of any length.

She wants to concentrate on getting through this so that she can see you all in October, it is something she is looking forward to very much.

As you know, Alison is now dealing with all the arrangements - and very soon there will be a post regarding the supplies and tools you need to bring to the Polymer Play Days.

Helen can "feel the love" - so all our positive thoughts, and vibes are doing their work - lets all keep sending them!


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