Friday, 22 April 2011

Back to normal.....

So pleased the header is back - it just felt all wrong with that maintenance sign up did'nt it, plus I hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather.

Capt A tells me that she is waiting for photos of the projects from the various tutors - soon as they come through the wires they will be uploaded for you to fall to the floor out of shock at the sheer gorgeousness of them all!

Are you all feeling creative - is your mojo working overtime?  All the wonderful spring flowers are bursting into colour and that alone should spark off your creativeness.

I have been asked and asked "How is Helen?" - well I can say that she is quite poorly at the moment, this round of chemo is really exhausting and brutal.  Brutal is the only word that describes it - my poor dear friend is suffering quite badly at the moment.  So, as we have all done over the months, and especially at this special time of year ......can we please take a few minutes out to pass on our positive thoughts to the Big H....altogether now..............(((((((close eyes and send out those thoughts)))))))



  1. Thinking of you Helen - you keep strong ! You have such a strong will in you - i know you can do it gal !... everyday of chemo is one day closer without it ! ..

    love and hugs,
    Maddy xxx