Friday, 10 September 2010


The last one was all over the place I am going to set another one.   You have until HALLOWEEN to complete this one.   Either upload your photo to the Yahoo group challenge folder (the one with the woman on the front).   If you cannot do that....leave a comment and we will pick it up and sort it out for you. 

Every entry will be put on the blog as well so that we can all admire everyones work.

The challenge is a quote by Tennyson:-

"Looking on the happy Autumn fields
And thinking of the days that are no  more"

So......Autumn colours, oranges, yellows. reds, browns............and blow it.......I am going to enter it myself!

Cannot to make some beads!



  1. thanks for issuing another challenge. Summer is a bad time for me as I have the kids home and end up being away a lot. Off to play with some orange and brown clay ;)

  2. Hello
    I am Klavdija, an artist from Slovenia.
    I love crafting with different materials, mostly doing polymer clay jewelry.
    I recently started to make jewelry using this technique which is full of colors.
    I would like to register bracelet on your challenge.
    It is the first picture in this article on my blog:
    I hope that this product is suitable for your challenge ... and I look forward to all the other wonderful products!