Thursday, 1 July 2010

Reasons to have a Yahoo group . . .

Hi, believe it or not, this is Helen typing and not my siamese twin Cathryn (lol) even though she is talking me through doing this, I am such an old fossil with this modern stuff, I have only just got rid of my slate and chalk.

I am very keen to help polymer clay become more known for the art form it is and so we would like to try a Yahoo Group which will help people who do not have websites or Etsy's, blogs etc and so you can all keep your friendships going and share your knowledge and ideas.

You don't have to join a Yahoo Group.

We want this to be a group and blog that is inclusive and befeficial to everyone and so, you MUST let us have your ideas and thoughts - good or bad we won't mind but will of course ignore the bad ones.

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  1. I would join a Yahoo group. I am on several for my papercrafting but would prefer it to be a group that talked about Polymer Clay only - ie no chit chat. Some of the groups I am on go off topic and the mail becomes a bit overwhelming. If you need any help with it I am willing to be there for you as I am a moderator on two groups and have run one myself for ... wait for it ... an altered corset group which ran for a year whilst the corsets weere being passed around and altered.