Friday, 15 January 2010

Well blow me its Flo Rae Me....

I am a bit of a follower of a few people - I am watching them develop, explore and continue their journey of creativity. Flo Rae Me is one of those people and I can see her work really begin to shine as she finds herself.......I love these pillow beads! Particularly the colours and vibrancy which lends them to a very tropical feel. Did you know that colours of the tropics are the colours for 2010 - well Flo Rae Me certainly does.

I like the daisies peering out in these beads - each bead is so individual and so pretty, I hope she makes these up into jewelry for the Sandra McCaw seminar......I will be watching! LOL!!!
If you do not already follow her blog, then go along and pay a visit now - leave a comment, and make her day!

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