Thursday, 24 December 2009

Warmer weather......

Here in the UK we are freezing cold. We are just rubbish at cold weather - I am particularly, I moan a lot when I am cold and I am always cold!

Well looking at the different Polymer Clay sites I went onto this one - I can remember seeing these at the PPD earlier this year. Everyone was in total awe of this work - it was sumptuous. We had to point out so many times that it had been handmade and not silk flowers - then it was a total double take and "WWWWHHHHAAAATTTTT - no way!!"

This is work to be admired and gasped over - so go on GASP at the sheer craftsmanship involved in this. I know I did.

OK - are you all booked for Sandra and/or PPD 2010??? If not hurry up and book - the numbers are really coming in now. When reading this you have probably guessed that Helen doesnt write this - I do. I am Cathryn - Helens friend. Helen has completed this round of Chemo and she has had the most fantastic result from the hospital - everyone is so thrilled. The chemo has done its job and she doesnt go back now until February. She looks really well and is so looking forward to Sandra and is busy planning and beavering away sorting that out and also PPD2010.

So .....from Helen, Ruth and myself - we wish you a very Happy Christmas Day, eat loads, be merry, but never forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Speak to you in a couple of days time - you never may be your picture in the next post!

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