Sunday, 20 December 2009


Here is my latest purchase from Sue Corrie aka Ghostshift - I love her work. In fact I am so switched onto Polymer Clay jewelry I think its fabulous! No way could I make it - but I love it and we are turning more and more people onto this wonderful art form.
Over the next few postings I am going to be looking at peoples work and posting pictures of it for you to admire and drool over.........
so if you want to be featured here - then you can either wait for me to stumble on your site/blog/pictures.... or better still leave a comment with your full addy on it so I can visit and select some photos.
I also love Jema Hewitts work - and I own a wonderful pendant which I saw at the PPD 2009 and loved it - Helen bought it for me - and Iadore it!!
Couple of other people are on my purchase list for January - so I hope they will be attending! BTW - Ghost Shift doesnt have a website but I think Sue has a Flicker account.


  1. Helen, these are lovely. Sue: I am expecting a tutorial soon!!

  2. Helen - thanks for sharing it would be great to also have a direct link to the artists website so that we can drool some more.....
    Kylee (Lunes)