Monday, 30 November 2009

Earn whilst you learn (The shop!)

Any of you that came to last years PPD will know that the shop was really really great!! We sold an awful lot of jewellery for you - I know of one lady that completely sold out, she did really well.

So for the Sandra McCaw seminar.......if any of you attending are bringing stock for us to sell here are some hints and tips which you may find useful:-

1. Price up every item of jewellery really clearly. (Dont worry about £ and Euros - basically we take £1 = Euro1.) If you use a different currency - dont worry we will sort it out for you.

2. Have a list of every item of jewellery with a short description so that Ruth and I can easily identify which item has been sold, and allocate the money to you. Alison Gallant used a number system last year - i.e A12 £30 . This was really easy for us to follow - remember it got very hectic last year as well.

3. Think about whether or not you will supply wholesale - we think that shops may very well attend this event looking for new interesting stock.

4. Business cards are a must - I always use the Postcard size available from Vistaprint. I think people can find these more easily than the small business cards - they can also make notes on the back of the cards. You can put if you supply wholesale on this as well, or give a discount for bulk purchases. We like to place a pile of cards next to your jewellery display.

5. Presentation - we can take out some of the items to display - but they do look far more luxe if presented in a nice box or something.

6. Make whatever floats your boat - but try and present an assortment of items with varying prices. We tend to buy matching things - pendant and a ring, pendant and a bangle - plus Ruth and I can really push any customers in that direction for you.

Ruth and I are there to sell for YOU - so come and talk to us!

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