Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hi everyone! Went to see Helen and she has written this for you about Sandra McCaw - Helen is really pulling out all the stops for you guys! You might think "why?" - well just remember that Helen loves the Polymer Clay Playdays, and loves arranging them, and really encourages and promotes everything and anyone with a talent and love for creating artistic items.

In fact, let me tell you how I first met Helen. I loved to paint, and thought I could paint - and saw that Cheryl Bradshaw (Chezza) was running a workshop at Helens place, so I booked in. I had never met Helen before, or been to her studio - all I knew was, that I wanted to learn more. From completing that first workshop, I booked with as many tutors as I could afford and it really shaped, encouraged and developed my artistic skills. Helen and I became instant friends, sharing a love of giggling over anything stupid, people watching, and Project Runway. Sometimes it was really hard to afford all the workshops, but it was worth every single penny, and I do not regret any of them. Through those workshops I have met a great and dear friend, who I love like a sister. Learnt so much - which led to many prestigious teaching and designing contracts.

So........... dont think twice, just book the workshop, learn and soak up everything these great tutors have to share with you. You never know, it just might lead to all sorts of opportunities. Remember.. knowledge is power!

Here is Helens item for you.............

Sandra McCaw

It is a thrill to be able to welcome Sandra McCaw to England to teach her wonderful technique. As you may know, at my workshops I like to supply you with the clay you will need. In the case of this workshop, Sandra likes you to do a bit of work mixing colour before you come (a worksheet will be sent to you in good time) which means you have to have your clay. So, I will replace the amount of clay mentioned in Sandra's sheets but it may not be the same colour as you used, especially if you have mixed your own unique colour. But you will receive four blocks of colour and two white which is included in your fee. Here is a description of Sandra's workshop which is intensive and you will learn so much of her technique.

The McCaw Cane

Learn the secrets of creating the magical “McCaw Cane” from the originator of this technique. Participants will create intricately patterned canes while practicing the execution of precise geometric canes. A variety of cane combining and manipulating strategies will be explored. We’ll look at alternative patterns, and uses for the finished canes. Students will construct a brooch.

Since the initial mixing of gradated shades is a somewhat lengthy process, students will be required to complete some color mixing before the start of the workshop. This exercise should take about 3-4 hours. A handout with detailed instructions will be sent in advance to workshop participants.

Handouts with extensive notes will be included in the workshop.

Workshop Length: 2 days

Supply list:

Fimo Classic Polymer Clay, 2- 2 oz. Blocks (or approximately 1/3 of a large brick) of each of the following: Any two colors, either out of the package or mixed, though I encourage mixing your own, it’s so much more interesting!
4-2 oz. Blocks (or approximately 2/3 of a large brick) of Fimo Classic White.*

1” pin back. (Sandra will have some available for sale)


Pasta Machine
Acrylic roller
Work surface
Cutting blade
12” ruler
Deli wrap or similar paper
Spatula like tool (for lifting and positioning delicate cane slices)
Small swatch of textured fabric ( approx. 4 in. X 4 in.)
Any tools you generally like to work with

*The clay amounts listed will make two canes approximately 1.5” square x 2” long. Students may wish to double (or triple!) the amounts, since the mixing takes time, thereby giving you more “bang for your buck”, and some extra to experiment with after the workshop.

Over achievers are welcomed to mix a third color to integrate into the final cane.

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