Monday, 3 August 2009

August 18th.....

is Helens birthday! Yea!!!!!!!.....

I thought about buying her some jewellery - but she has heaps. Then I thought about Helen LOVES handbags, not just any old handbag.....they have to be really fancy, beaded, buttons, bows, diamante, pearl, ribbon encrusted creations. So I thought I would be "safe" with that.....when I saw her tonight guess what.......she has bought some new handbags.

BTW - H never buys in the singular, it is always the plural!!
So chatting away to her tonight and she said "actually I am short on earrings" - so there is my birthday pressie for her! They have to be dangly, fancy, and for pierced ears - so if any of you would like to send her a pair for her birthday as well, that would be cool dontchathink?
She had her second round of Chemo last Tuesday, although the first lot last year collapsed her veins so that is causing a few problems and isnt very nice. On her birthday she will be half way through this lot of treatment - and she is so looking forward to it finishing. Although she knows it wont end with this round.
I took a couple of pictures of her - you can tell she was keen can't you! LOL!!!

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