Thursday, 25 June 2009

Save the Date..........

June 25th/26th/27th 2010 - for the Polymer Play Days!!!!!
Helen has booked the venue and the following teachers have confirmed:-
Donna Kato
Lindly Haunani
Sylvie Peraud
Alison Gallant
Daniel Torres Mancera
Natalia Garcia de Leaniz
We hope Iris Mishley will be teaching in 2011 - but she will be soooooo missed this year.
Helen has chosen these dates because there is an event in France too close to April 2010 (the original planned date) and she felt that it would have been unfair if anyone wanted to do both events.
But June is fabulous - lots of time to save up and get creative producing lots of work for the event shop! Ruth and I will be there - we wouldnt miss it!
The details are on the picturetrail -
but not the Paypal link for payment, that will go on later this week. The price is £260, and if you pay before January 1st 2010 you will get a £50 discount! How good is that! Its brilliant!


  1. Sounds good - the French event is 18 - 21 March 2010 a great line up too. Polymer Clay is firmly on the European Map at long last!

  2. In my diary marked with little red stars ;)

  3. Whoopee! Thinking about swap beads to make already! Just got to get the clay to cope with a hot spell in a British Summer (shocking I know!) Going to try and book the time off work NOW so I can be there for the whole event in 2010! Thank you for delight this event brings.